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Natural Neighbor Interpolation

Scattered data interpolation solves the following problem: given measures of a function on a set of discrete data points, the task is to interpolate this function on an arbitrary query point.

Natural neighbor coordinates are defined by Sibson in 1980 and are based on the Voronoi diagram of the data points. Interpolation methods based on natural neighbor coordinates are particularly interesting because they adapt easily to non-uniform and highly anisotropic data.
Another way to do interpolation is to first delaunay triangulation the input set, then rasterize these triangles, a typical method used in Graphics.



a code snipet.

char s[] = “1.3 this is a test <><<?!\n";
istrstream ins(s);
char ch;
ins.unsetf (ios::skipws); // don’t skip spaces
while (ins) { // false when end of array is reached
ins >> ch;
cout << ch;

Another way to do string separation is to use strtok().

libcpd.lib link problem
I have visual 2005 beta installed, and half my projects will not work anymore. It seems that any programs that use the c runtime library fail! It looks like Microsoft didn’t package up these files they are missing from the lib directory. My error is : LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file ‘libcpd.lib’

You just need to go to the project settings, then in the linker tab, add ‘libcpd.lib’ to the Ignore Specific Library box and that should take care of it for now. Otherwise, you can download the Platform SDK which should have all the Win32 .libs you need.