Monthly Archives: November 2009

DIY GPS unit

Need to build a GPS unit for my next project. Searched on line and found lots of information about GPS tracker. A good one of them is Trimble Trimtrac Locator. It’s an affordable GPS tracker for common people like the one used by spies to track the vehicle of VIPs. It combines a GPS receiver and GSM unit into one single chip. Perfect for my case.

But I found an even cheaper solution that doesn’t come with a wireless transmission unit. This requires people to build it by themselves. All they need is a GPS receiver (e.g. EM-406A), a SD Datalogger which parses the data from GPS receiver and saves it into a SD card, a SD card, LiPo batteries and some cables and connectors. I believe it’s easy to build and very cheap (under $150). Even better for my case. You can check the good GPS buying guide from SparkFun.

crop image in illustrator

To really crop an image in Illustrator, so that you can discard extraneous portions and keep only what you want, do the following:

1. Draw a rectangle (filled) where you want to crop (as you know, short of using a clipping mask, a raster image is always rectangular) and set its opacity to 0%;
2. Select raster image and rectangle, go to Object>Flatten Transparency, slide the quality slider to 100%, and make sure the Alpha Channel option is UNchecked;
3. Deselect all, and select the portion you want to keep, release the clipping mask and extract;
4. Discard unused portions.