How to be a (sane) grad student (ZZ)

今天作New Grad SIG作业,看到美女老师Jelena的主页上介绍了一些做research的经验,转载一下…
When I was just starting my graduate studies I had no idea how a grad school works: when to work and how much, how to write papers, how to choose the Ph.D. topic, how to find an advisor, etc. It took me four years to finally find answers to all of my questions, mostly through trial and error. So here is the compiled version of those answers. Hopefully you are not like me, and can learn from other people’s mistakes, so these guidelines will actually be useful. Of course, they are neither comprehensive nor universal. Simply some wisdom that worked for me and may work for you, too.
How to manage your time as a grad student
How to read papers
How to do research
How to choose a Ph.D topic
How to find an advisor
How to write papers that actually get accepted
How to prepare presentations
How to work in a healthy manner
How to work in a group
How to work with your advisor and other faculty members
How to deal with stress

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