Matlab的dos command line使用

以前在看别人写的Multi-Camera Calibration的matlab code时,发现他配了一个cluster,通过ssh在每台电脑上都运行相同的matlab程序来处理获得的图片。其中matlab是这样调用的
>matlab -nosplash -nojvm func

>matlab -nosplash -nodesktop -minimize -r myfunc -logfile C:\log.txt

Matlab Startup Options


2 thoughts on “Matlab的dos command line使用

  1. fli10 Post author

    Sometimes you want to return to windows command prompt or linux shell only after the program is done. In this case, you can add one more parameter, “-wait”, or “/wait”.

    You may also input some parameters for your own matlab script or function. You can try:
    matlab /r “x=2;myscript”
    matlab /r “myfunc(2)”

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