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最近经常看到RANSAC的字眼。最先是在使用dynamic silouette作multi-camera calibration的paper里看到的,他们使用改进的RANSAC算法来估计Epipolar Geometry的参数;后来又在vision的课上看到了RANSAC,用来做从两副图像生成paranoma image,后来看到RANSAC主要被用来估计fundamental matrix的7个参数;再后来就在各式各样的matlab工具箱里看到RANSAC。总之一句话,RANSAC是个很简单的但很有效的算法,以后要经常使用些。

“We approached the fitting problem in the opposite way from most previous techniques. Instead of averaging all the measurements and then trying to throw out bad ones, we used the smallest number of measurements to compute a model’s unknown parameters and then evaluated the instantiated model by counting the number of consistent samples.

—- RANSAC: An Historical Perspective, Bob Bolles & Marty Fischler