stack a set of images

I use to write my own opencv program to stack a set of images for viewing, e.g. rectification results of multiple images. But today I want to give ImageMagick a try. I searched on-line, and find many extremely useful features of ImageMagick. To stack a set of images, I could use ‘convert’ command with option ‘+/-append’. I could also ‘montage’. Some examples go follows:

  montage -label Balloon   balloon.gif  \
-label Medical medical.gif \
\( present.gif -set label Present \) \
\( shading.gif -set label Shading \) \
-tile x1 -frame 5 -geometry '60x60+2+2>' \
-title 'My Images' titled.jpg


 montage -font Times-New-Roman -pointsize 24 \
-label (a) F28_IMG_0001.ppm \
-label (b) F28_IMG_0002.ppm \
-label (c) F28_x.ppm \
-tile x1 -geometry +10+10 titled.jpg

These commands are really cool. I don’t need Illustrator anymore for preparing my paper figures.


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