3D body scanner

I have seen several types of 3D scanners for our face recognition projects before. Most of them are based on laser technologies. The subjects usually need to sit still for a couple of seconds for the device to collect enough data samples. Here comes a new one – Intellifit Virtual Fitting Room™ (VFR) – for consumer markets.


The following materials are copied from their website.


The VFR sends safe, low power radio waves toward the customer’s fully clothed body and, in about ten seconds, collects numerous data points that are used to calculate their accurate body measurements. The “vertical wand” in the Intellifit Virtual Fitting Room™(VFR) contains 196 small antennas that send and receive low power radio waves. In the fifteen seconds it takes for the wand to rotate around a fully clothed individual, the radio waves send and receive low power signals.

The signals don’t “see” a customer’s clothing but reflect off their skin which is, basically, water. The signals are similar to cell phone signals but less than 1/350th of the power of those signals and they do not penetrate the skin.

When the wand’s rotation is complete, Intellifit has recorded over 200,000 points in space, basically x, y, and z coordinates of where that customer is standing. Intellifit software then electronically measures the “point-cloud”, producing a file of dozens of accurate body measurements; the raw data is then discarded.



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