install Fedora 16 from Ubuntu, network installation

I just switched to Fedora from Ubuntu. This time the installation is fairly easy. First, I copied vmlinuz and initrd.img from the isolinux folder of the Fedora installation CD to /boot, and then I rebooted the system to enter the grub command line. And typed:

grub> linux /vmlinuz
grub> initrd /initrd.img
grub> boot

then the Fedora installation begun. Later on you just need to choose network interface for installation. The whole installation lasted less than one hour in my case. One similar topic from my previous posts can be found at link .


You might meet the login problems, “Oh! No! Something has gone wrong. A problem has occured and the system can’t recover. Please contact a system adminstrator”, which could be solved by:

yum remove selinux-policy selinux-policy-targeted
yum update libsepol
yum --nogpgcheck install libsepol
      selinux-policy-3.10.0-55.fc16.noarch.rpm --enablerepo=u*g
yum --nogpgcheck install
      selinux-policy-targeted-3.10.0-55.fc16.noarch.rpm --enablerepo=u*g

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